Transpack Container Offices

Think Transpack Offices

Think Container cabins are delivered all over Europe and worldwide. In order to reduce emissions, the "transpack-container" was developed. The built up Transpack cabins do not differ from the portable cabins which come pre-assembled.
Portable cabins can be supplied flat packed at favourable rates to any destination.
Up to ten cabins can be loaded onto one truck

  • Ready-for-occupancy within a few weeks
  • Individual room layouts available in all sizes and configurations
  • Expandable and reconfigurable at any time
  • Low operating costs due to high-quality materials and insulation
  • Over 30 years of experience in prefabricated building systems

The benefits from our modular buildings are clear. Discover our superb range of modular buildings and get your free quote within one working day!

These modules are manufactured in the factory in Lithuania.
Construction is based on a stable frame and interchangeable wall panels.
The individual module can be stood either side-by-side or stacked on top of each other. Individual sizes of
space can be achieved by removing outer wall panels and fitting of partitions.

Detailed information
External Dimensions (ISO Standard 1161)
Length 6050 -0,+6 mm
Width 2430 -0,+5 mm
Height 2790 +0,-5 mm
Internal Dimensions (Nominal)
Length 5780 +0,-6mm
Width 2160 +0,-5mm
Height 2520 +0,-5mm
Rear Personal Door Opening (Clear Opening)
Width 810 +0,-5mm
Height 1985 +0,-5mm