Custom Made Container Offices

Think Bespoke offices

Modular space systems for industry, trade and commerce

  • Medical practices
  • Bistros
  • Show rooms/sales rooms
  • Foremen's offices
  • Canteens
  • Storage space
  • Offices and office expansions
  • Business offices (office/meeting room)

Spaces can be quickly and easily combined and changed with the easily interchangeable wall panels. The mobile space solutions are ready to be used. Solid steel constructions allow safe stacking of cabins, so that buildings up to three storeys can be set up.

One of the most important questions for start-ups is definitively the one concerning the business office. We are happy to provide you the answer to your question: "What should the new shop look like?".


Our stand-alone portable and modular buildings consist of two or more steel-framed cabins, which can be combined rapidly on site in a variety of ways. This ability transforms our portable cabins into unique modular space solutions, tailored to meet your very specific requirements.

Think Transpack Containers Offers Great B2B Possibilities
As mentioned, we have been in operation for 26-years from our Lithuanian headquarters and manufacturing hub, and our Think transpack containers are in use in more than 50 countries around the world.

We Want to Be Your Partner in Scalable and Portable Buildings
As a trusted provider of transpack containers, container offices, and container homes, our products are in use in over fifty countries around the world, and our own shipping company specializes in managing worldwide deliveries under our own private label.

Portable and modular buildings for sale
Choose our superior, sustainable and durable self-contained portable cabins - perfect for a variety of applications!

The range of Think Container services extends from on-site consultancy by competent sales representatives, support for legal/official regulations to the delivery and assembly of modular buildings by our certified business partners. The focus of Think Conteiner is on quick and uncomplicated processing in order to place as little strain as possible on you during every step of the project.

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