B2B Benefits

Businesses Buy into Transpack Containers Dealership

Savvy business owners know that keeping their eyes on the next growing trend is the key to success when looking for new business opportunities. Trends can vary from a new way of deliver existing services to discovering a niche that is underserved or under performing. More exciting however, businesses that peek into the future have the chance to enter into a business model on the bottom floor, and the way businesses, and individuals visualize their living and working space is at the forefront of the latest trend.
Micro homes, little houses, small dwellings, and scalable buildings is the new reality for many businesses and residents who have come to discover that in many ways, "less is more." Fueling this drive is a two-fold appreciation for saving money and saving the environment, and is popular amongst millennials who have thrown out their parent's rulebook when it comes to their expectations of a very different world than the one their parents grew up.

Think Container Offices are Huge with Businesses
Businesses are looking for ways to innovate when it comes to stretching their available space without breaking their available budget. As such, they are eschewing the traditional building model of fixed structures to capitalize on the possibilities afforded by modular buildings. We have been in the business of providing this option, from our Lithuania base of operations, for more than a quarter of a century, and our line of Think transpack containers and Think container offices are in use all over the planet in more than 50 countries.
With Transpack containers, businesses begin benefiting immediately with lower shipping costs owing to its compact transportation requirements, Think transpack containers ship at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional building materials. Once on site, two workers with a forklift, or crane, can assemble the modular Think container offices within a mere eight hours. Affordable design, fast shipping, and almost instantaneous use of their new space gives our customers unprecedented value when it comes to utilizing their newly acquired space.
Once onsite and in operation, their modular nature allows for unprecedented flexibility in adding and arranging Think container office into an array of configurations to meet growing businesses and expansionist company plans for the future.
Think Transpack Containers Offers Great B2B Possibilities
As mentioned, we have been in operation for 26-years from our Lithuanian headquarters and manufacturing hub, and our Think transpack containers are in use in more than 50 countries around the world.
Our trained team of experts is dedicated to finding space solutions for growing companies throughout the world from our exclusive dealerships. For those looking to join our team, we offer exclusive dealerships, regionally placed, that puts interested parties in the heart of the next biggest trend, modular structures that meet their occupants needs with no limit to the flexibility of growth.