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We’re Here for Your Building Needs

In a world of faced-paced building and constrained construction budgets, hundreds of customers are turning to transpack containers that allow unprecedented flexibility in the development of container offices and container homes. For more than a quarter of a century, from our Lithuanian base of operations, we have been delivering affordable building solutions on a global basis since our formation in 1990. Modular building are recasting the way organizations are thinking about their special needs, and we are there to help them with all their available options when it comes to scalable working and living arrangements.

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Flexibility in Design and Performance
Modular buildings allow for unprecedented flexibility when it comes to the designing and construction of work or living spaces. Whether you need temporary housing, warehousing accommodations, emergency medical facilities, or you simply want a permanent fast mounted building, which is capable of expansion as needed, our prefabricated transpack containers see wide use on construction sites, school grounds, and office complexes all over the world. Mobile buildings allow you to not only haver the freedom to move your structures as needed, but also the wherewithal to expand your office or living space by combining modular units in an array of ways that lets you build upwards of three story buildings, which contain all the amenities of a traditionally built structure. Our engineers work steadfastly to deliver a quality product that is both long lastingly durable as well as completely safe.

We Want to Be Your Partner in Scalable and Portable Buildings
As a trusted provider of transpack containers, container offices, and container homes, our products are in use in over fifty countries around the world, and our own shipping company specializes in managing worldwide deliveries under our own private label. You don't need to worry that the components of your container, modular structures will arrive haphazardly or incomplete, so you order in confidence knowing that your needed structure will be delivered and promptly assembled exactly were you need it to serve your purposes.
When it comes to your modular structure needs, we are seasoned experts who know what it takes to get your container offices and container homes from the drawing board to your building site. You can trust us to get the job right in the exact same way that we have been getting it right for 26-years.
Our team of friendly experts is standing by to help you figure out your modular structure needs before arriving at a solution that not only meets your minimum expectations but shatters them as well. Our mission is to build dynamic modular structures that are mobile, expandable, and flexible to meet your growing needs down the road. Discover the advantages of installing custom-designed container offices and container residences that aim to meet all of your work and living requirements.